Viewers loved being confused by Westworld season 2 episode 1

Robot wars Dolores Abernathy returns alongside Teddy Flood in Westworld

"Westworld" (70 minutes) returns Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.

Famously, Westworld Season 2 was always going to be about "chaos."

These are the sorts of nuanced questions we hope will be answered this season. Is it the humans, now so fearful of machines they'll kill preemptively, even if there's no sign of aggression? The show touched on these themes previous year, but now that the android hosts can fight back, the questions are far thornier.

Other things we can expect: an episode in Shogun world, hints at other parks, and plenty of twists!

In the opening scene, Arnold tells Dolores, "I dreamt I was on an ocean, with you and the others on the distant shore..."

Bernard (Present): Bernard wakes amid the waves on a beach and we're flashing back to Inception. How cool would it have been if Season 2 had started fresh with a new setting and characters, then tied it all back to the main plot next week? We find out here that they can't be extracted because Delos won't help anyone until they receive a certain host. Whether they're working to clone guests or try to transfer their consciousness somehow, it's safe to assume that nothing good can come of it, especially if Bernard was unaware of it all this time. Ford has created the conscious hosts and put them on the warpath with humanity.

Luckily, Maeve and her sophistication cancel out any feelings of repugnance viewers may feel towards the narrative director of the park.

Second, Bernard was shown in the aftermath of Ford's murder at the Delos gala, trying to find a way out to safety with Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) and a few other board members. She asks Bernard for help finding him. And while there is the chance that this particular host could be brought back online, the current state of the park doesn't make it likely that the technicians will force Teddy into his cruel existence yet again. Charlotte won't confirm, but that might be what all that data in Abernathy's head relates to and what Delos really wants from the park.

Evan Rachel Wood isn't portraying Dolores or Wyatt.

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As season two launched on SkyOne last night, the long-held mystery of where Westworld actually was was revealed. "Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?" He is clearly uncomfortable with his love's reign of terror.

Basically, Dolores' thirst for vengeance won't end with just the people who were at the park. She may be the best character on the show with Bernard. The Man in Black is William is Bill. This will definitely play a significant role in the season, and we can't wait to see why they're doing this.

William also realizes that the stakes are real in Westworld now. The Man in Black (Ed Harris) finally got the "realness" he sought out of Westworld, as he set off on a new mission, thanks to young Robert, Ford's child host self. "Congratulations, William. This game is meant for you".

Did you guys forget about Sizemore?

This is the same discussion Maeve has with Lee Sizemore later in the episode, after he insists she's not real, and she points out that her unreal hands could still very easily kill him if she so desired. Maeve also finds Hector Escaton to join them on their journey. It appears he's killed dozens of humans and he's covered in blood.

The episode ends with the discovery of hosts in the water.

The weirdest thing we saw this episode?

Let the Season 2 games begin.

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